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Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Additional Benefits

Consulting Services

If you are in need of a service partner to consult for an upcoming assignment to measure air ions or to do a microbiological air sampling, we would be pleased to take over this task.

Especially with the measurement of air ions, the electric environment at the site of measurement is a big influencing value. Air ions, as charged particles, are attracted or repelled so heavily by electrostatic fields that they can no longer reach the measurement device. That leads to incorrect measurements. Additionally, external air currents can significantly influence the result of the measurement as well.

We can assist you in successfully performing your measurements and avoiding potential time losses. Furthermore, we are available for you to adapt our devices to a specific measurement task of yours.

Warranty Services

Of course, a reliability of 100 percent does not exist. Even though we conduct extensive tests of the sub-components and the finished devices, it is impossible to rule out the risk of malfunction.

In such cases, we guarantee repair as swiftly as possible and, if this is not possible within a short time, an exchange of the device.

For troubleshooting and resolving operating errors, we are of course at your service by telephone, too.

In most cases, a rapid solution can be found so that the sampling or measurement can be successfully completed on-site and the consequences of any fault can be minimized as far as possible.

Development Services

We are continously enhancing our products. During that process, we always take care that our new developments fit the existing products. That way, the transverse adapter for samplings in external air flows can even be used with the sampling heads LKS 30 that our customers purchased in 1997.

We do the construction design by ourselfes, develop hardware and software in-house and manufacture our own products here in our premises. That allows us to react to requirements by our customers as flexible as possible. In close consultation with you, we build individual products and solutions for your specific assignment. Get in touch with us.

The success of this is shown by the allergen sampler AS100 that has been developed in collaboration with the BMA Labor in Bochum (Germany): Allergens in the air get deposited into the wells of a microtitre stip (MTS). In contrast to e.g. the filtration, this method allows the quantitative determination of the allergen contents with ELISA without the need of an external extration. Because of this, we were able to considerably increase the detection sensitivity.

We are especially focussing on the creation of additional values for our products:
With the battery-powered MBASS30 and the transverse adapter for isokinetic air sampling it is also possible to load 50 mm PU foam cylinders for chemical air sampling.

After Sales Services

Naturally, we offer maintenance and calibration services for our products even when they are no longer available. During maintenance, we perform a test of the batteries and chargers at no cost. Of course, the maintenance also includes that we update the operating systems of the devices to the latest version.

Even when devices are superseded by newer versions, we continue to offer support for the corresponding PC software. For example, the PC software for the IM5005 ionometer, which is no longer available since 2007, has still been updated in 2010 to the current Windows operating system.

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