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Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Areas Of Application

Our microbiological sampling systems are very versatile: from hygiene controls in surgery rooms and pharmacies to quality checks in clean rooms to measurements of the ambient air to find invisible microbial damages. To optimize your tasks, several different sampling methods are available with the base system MBASS30V3: e.g. impaction, filtration and total spore sampling.

The two channels of BiVOC2V2 reduce the sampling time for double samplings. Different presets for every channel make double sampling easy and safe.

Experts & Building Biologists
Experts and building biologists appreciate the high quality and reliability of our sampling systems. In the round robin tests for “Sampling of airborne mold spores” of the Berufsverband der Deutsche...

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Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
MBASS30 together with the air sampler LKS100 and the

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Health Care
For a long time we enjoy our collaboration with health authorities pharmacies hospitals and their suppliers and service providers, e.g. laundries Our customers confirm ov...

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Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
Microbiological air samples are drawn with high volumes for quality assurance especially in clean rooms of the pharmaceutical and food industry. Even after over 8 million liters of sampling air the reliable

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Our devices are perfectly suited for your laboratory: versatile, high-quality and precise. They nearly last for life and still remain inexpensive. Or are you renting your sampling equipment to your customers? For this, robust devices t...

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We know what matters to you. Nothing has such an impact on the success of a product in the long-run as its quality. With our devices, you can ensure that your product meets the requirements – especially those of your customers. They detect and...

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Research & Development
Improving the possibilities and conditions of your work is extremely important to us. Our devices are ideally suited for that. With only one base device you have multiple possibilities. The

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