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Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH


We know what matters to you. Nothing has such an impact on the success of a product in the long-run as its quality.

With our devices, you can ensure that your product meets the requirements – especially those of your customers.
They detect and measure – reliably and precise – be it chemical contaminants or air ions, which is interesting for example in the interior of cars.

Our microbiolgical sampling system MBASS30V3 can be used for multiple applications. It can assure your analysis in clean rooms and can also be used for quality assurance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

And: you can always rely on our devices. According to our product philosophy this will hold (nearly) for a life time.

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  » LKS 30 & LKS100

  » PS 30

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  » BiVOC2V2

  » IM806V3

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