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MBASS30 Handling Case

  • The handling case is available in 3 colors

To safely transport the MBASS30V3 robust handling cases with sufficient space for the MBASS30V3 with charger, sampling heads and additional accessories in a foam insert.

The handling case is available in three colors:

  • Sapphire with handle and catch in red, Article No. 01-266
  • Anthracite with handle and catch in anthracite, Article No. 01-265
  • Light gray with handle and catch in blue, Article No. 01-260

The cases can be connected to each other, such that several ones can be carried together with one handle.

Just in case, there are also replacement parts like handles, locks and hinges available from the manufacturer.

Technical Data:

  • Type: Tanos, systainer3 M237
  • Lid insert: nubby, out of PUR foam
  • Bottom insert: device specific insert out of blue PE foam
  • External dimensions: 395 mm x 295 mm x 237 mm (W x D x H)
  • Empty weight with bottom and top inserts: 2.19 kg

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